About Company

Business-Software Ltd. founded as an independent software development company in 2004. We provide complete software development life cycle, deployment and maintenance support of the applications automating business processes of preliminary data processing (mediation), traffic analysis, settlements with national telco companies for fixed network and Internet services.

We do:

  • analyze business-process and provide package of architectural documents
  • planning and development of data preparation and billing systems
  • production implementation and/or adaptation of data preparation and billing systems and their integration into the existing information infrastructure of companies
  • teach end users
  • provide technical and technological support of the implemented applications
  • provide recommendations for the implemented applications future development
  • re- engineering of legacy and in-house applications

We have highly skilled specialists with deep (5 years and more) experience of fruitful work in the largest telecommunication companies of Ukraine. The analysis and development of the application systems is carried out based on newest information technologies, in particular last versions of tools of analysis and development.

In our activity we take project-based approach, based on the generally accepted Rational Unified Process (RUP) with its adaptation to the requirements of Customer. The approach is detailed in the internal standard „Software development technology and customer interaction” (in Ukrainian).

Before the beginning of projects we sign Non Disclosure Agreement of the kind accepted for Customer.



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